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NEW BOOK: 13 Women Artists Children Should Know


Price -
9 € / 31,07 Lt

Norisi parašyti kažką provokatyvaus, kažką, kas jus sudomintų ir patrauktų jūsų dėmesį, nes išleidome naują knygą „13 menininkių, kurias dera žinoti“, bet juk knyga kalba pati už save.
Džiaugiamės! Užsukite pasidžiaugti ir pavartyti kartu.






Interview with a photographer Gintaras Zinkevičius



(New artwork in the virtual gallery is red framed.)

"In various periods, Šaltenis simultaneously employed dynamic and static composition, textured gestural colourist painting and reserved grey and white monochromy. What always remains is the authenticity of the visual impression and emotional experience." (Raminta Jurėnaitė)


New painting by Rūta Jusionytė at MAC virtual galery


(New artwork in the virtual gallery is red framed.)

"I fled from Jusionis's dynasty to Paris. After all, my grandparents from Vilnius and parents from Klaipėda are artists." (lrytas.lt)

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Conversion of Cinema Theatre "Lietuva"
Two winners have been elected at the competition of architectural idea for the new building of Modern Art Center and administrative facilities.

More about the projects at Lithuanian Architecs' Association's website.

Find out about the works
How to read paintings

A work of art remains speechless until the mind of perceiver speaks to it. Only then a man gets acquainted with his work. Once started this acquaintance doesn’t want to let go and always invites to come back and experience the joy of discovery, learn to watch and penetrate.  

This segment is designed to help the works that are in the virtual MMC gallery to start speaking your language. Thanks to art critics and authors cooperation, texts-guidebooks are being made for paintings. This will give an opportunity to study the world of art in a closer look. 

Latest - Mindaugas Skudutis

Find out more about the artworks of other artists


Teaching gallery – is an educational project aiming to present Lithuanian art in the space of a school. The project is implemented by the collaboration between non-govermental organization IDES and Modern Art Center. Teaching gallery is projected towards the school communities (teachers and students) who will get a chance to engage into the Lithuanian modern and contemporary art by exploring exhibitions of the artworks’ reproductions in the daily school space.
The first exhibition will be dedicated to the classical Lithuanian photography by presenting the works of Antanas Sutkus, Vaclovas Straukas and Romualdas Rakauskas. The reproductions are made using the artworks of Modern Art Center collection. The related educational material is prepared with the advice of art critics and educators and it could be used as an optional material for art lessons at school.
The first seminar for school teachers, taking part in Teaching gallery, will take place on the 25th April. It will be followed by the monthly exhibitions in 10 Lithuanian schools.


Project Partners:

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