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Calmness and Harmony in Graphic Arts by Birutė Stančikaitė


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"<...> I have been always amazed by her solid personality and art. When looking at shining in all senses B. Stančikaitė's artworks and at herself, one remembers the theories saying that art and creation has compensatory function. In artist's graphic art we find what we lack the most in contemporary art. Her artworks spread calmness and harmony with the world, and communication with the painter gives warm human relationship. B. Stančikaitė's substantia feminina and art's sense emerges as peaceful, calm and missed by many in this flickering era." (Ramutė Rachlevičiūtė, Literatūra ir menas)

Photogprahy by Audrius Zavadskis at MAC Virtual Gallery


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Photographer Stanislovas Žvirgždas about the author: "<...> not speaking a lot, laconic, understanding the composition, rhythm and shot structure in his own way. His minimalistic series that contain 3-12 photos are like weighty visual words that are put into short but profound sentences. Lyrical sense of the world is probably one of the main author's art characteristics. Usually photographers are afraid of repeating themselves but A. Zavadskis takes the path not typical for the photography art and closer to the painting - he comes back to the same motives without making any changes of the essence." („Vilniuje atidaroma Audriaus Zavadskio fotografijų paroda", bernardinai.lt)

Drawings And Graphic By Linas Jablonskis


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"When twenty years ago art historian Linas Jablonskis started drawing, his colleagues were saying that he is going against the traditions, he is teasing and provoking academic artists. Linas Jablonskis shortly describes his art idea - "Against the established". On purpose created not according to the known principles, not like it is taught at Art Academy. To draw only for the one's pleasure and not for the sake of the result, without thinking how one is going to sell the artwork". („Atidaryta provokuojanti ir netikėta L.Jablonskio piešinių paroda", www.lrt.lt)

Faces In Lithuanian And Byelorussian Villages At Klaudijus Driskius Photography


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"Photography is an art of moment. During all times. Its strenght - documentary nature, its strenght - moment. It can happen in different ways. Photo camera for the artist is like a pen for the writer - it is only the tool. Everything depends on the situation and mastery or skills. Maybe a writer needs much time for revealing the character, here one might need only a moment." (Klaudijus Driskius, „Sugrįžti į gentį", bernardinai.lt)

"Back To The Future" By Jonas Jurcikas


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"What I say and what the viewer comprehends might be two totally different things but this is great because in this way the artwork's idea does not finish only with my own personal interpretation. To understand the artwork one has to spend more time in front of it - you cannot walk fast or just run - "that one is interesting, another one is not..." One has at least try to understand it by beginning with observing the painting's surface and title." (Jonas Jurcikas, "Lakoniškas interviu su Jonu Jurciku", artnews.lt)

Photography By Arturas Valiauga At MAC Virtual Gallery


(New artworks in the gallery are red framed.)

"Photography went a long technological way. It is a technology of image transmission, it is not a proof of truth. This is the way to interpret reality by the image. Photography's technology is just one of the image transmission ways, one of the reality's algorithms, and I think, it is in its Renaissance, it has never been that popular and that ruling, that joined with so many different disciplines: art, science. Photography is reigning - this is very good".  (Arturas Valiauga, Bernardinai.lt)

Late Painting By Augustinas Savickas


(New artworks in the virtual gallery are red framed.)

"Colour and line are equally important in the painting by Savickas. Bright green with contrasting red, yellow and blue are dominating in the pictures. Landscapes, figures and even details are portraited very generally." (Raminta Jurėnaitė) 

Painting By Antanas Gudaitis At MAC Virtual Gallery


(New artworks in the gallery are red framed.)

Comments of the visitors at the exhibition by painter Antanas Gudaitis in 1969, Moscow:
"Wonderful artist! The power of his artworks can be compared only to music that directly reaches our heart and soul and only after - our brain. I am taking a bow for the master."
"No! He has got the talent but wrongly directed. He is misdirected by the fashion."
"Right! Good!"
"I am up for him"
(Agnė Narušytė, „Žaidimas ant lyno", Šiaurės atėnai)

"Four Trees" By Jonas Švažas


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"J. Švažas - Lithuanian, giant, versatile talent. He had expressionistic nature, specific painting technique and ability to make canvas live by giving it his flame". (French art critic Žoržas Bodelis, Durys.lt)  

Collages By Kazimiera Zimblytė


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Painter Vincas Kisarauskas about Kazimiera Zimblytė's art: "Her paintings are moods that are dark, calm, lyrical and poetical. In some of them you can still grasp the hints of certain things, in others there is no of that. Rear and strange ability not to say anything by painting only the mood. Her paintings are full of silence, dusk, nothings moves, there is no tension. Just enormous relaxing and immediacy." (Lithuanian Republic Archive Of Literature And Art).


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Conversion of Cinema Theatre "Lietuva"
Two winners have been elected at the competition of architectural idea for the new building of Modern Art Center and administrative facilities.

More about the projects at Lithuanian Architecs' Association's website.

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A work of art remains speechless until the mind of perceiver speaks to it. Only then a man gets acquainted with his work. Once started this acquaintance doesn’t want to let go and always invites to come back and experience the joy of discovery, learn to watch and penetrate.  

This segment is designed to help the works that are in the virtual MMC gallery to start speaking your language. Thanks to art critics and authors cooperation, texts-guidebooks are being made for paintings. This will give an opportunity to study the world of art in a closer look. 

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Teaching gallery – is an educational project aiming to present Lithuanian art in the space of a school. The project is implemented by the collaboration between non-govermental organization IDES and Modern Art Center. Teaching gallery is projected towards the school communities (teachers and students) who will get a chance to engage into the Lithuanian modern and contemporary art by exploring exhibitions of the artworks’ reproductions in the daily school space.
The first exhibition will be dedicated to the classical Lithuanian photography by presenting the works of Antanas Sutkus, Vaclovas Straukas and Romualdas Rakauskas. The reproductions are made using the artworks of Modern Art Center collection. The related educational material is prepared with the advice of art critics and educators and it could be used as an optional material for art lessons at school.
The first seminar for school teachers, taking part in Teaching gallery, will take place on the 25th April. It will be followed by the monthly exhibitions in 10 Lithuanian schools.


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